Dear HHT Friends:

I wanted to let you know of some exciting news concerning Hospitality House of Tulsa. God continues to open doors of ministry for us. We find ourselves in one of those “as such a time as this” moments in history. You have probably known about the critical situation Oklahoma hospitals have found themselves in because of the changes regarding the Affordable Care Act and the state’s legislative decision regarding funding. These changes and lack of funding are affecting the rural hospitals in Oklahoma to the point that many are at risk of closing, decreasing significant services, or changing their status to outpatient centers, urgent care an ER triage only.

What this means is that more and more rural families will be sent directly to Tulsa and Oklahoma City hospitals for emergency, trauma and specialty care. The hospitals in our urban communities are bracing for this tremendous increase, while reimbursements are decreasing, and charity care increases.

In preparing for these changes, the urban hospital executives are also aware that these additional rural patients will be accompanied by family caregivers for the hospitalizations. This awareness on their part has prompted them to call me to ask for advice, assistance and help in providing lodging, meals and emotional and spiritual support for these families.

In the last six months, I have been contacted by four hospital systems in our state to submit proposals to bring Hospitality House of Tulsa’s mission closer to their campuses and replicate the model we began ten years ago. The models going forward include an existing hospitality house, a hotel extension progam, a build-out within a hospital, and a build-out of a day room and taking over the management of ten guest rooms within another hospital.

In order to give each of these expansion opportunities the time and resources needed to see them to success, the Hospitality House of Tulsa Board of Directors has identified that our current staff of five full-time employees does not give us enough depth to take on the growth needed. Therefore, the Board has decided it would be best to let me focus on the expansion plans, explore funding opportunities for the expansions, and help organize and consolidate services that care be shared among all locations and operations. In doing this, we think it is wise to open a positon of Executive Director overseeing the current operations in Tulsa, so that our current mission and families served do not suffer during this preparation for expansion time. I will remain as CEO of all Hospitality House operations, regardless of which program or locations come up in their due time.

I also wanted to let you know that I am a huge proponent in solving the social, financial and legislative problems that are creating the tremendous needs for our services. I know the solution is not to build hundreds of facilities, but instead to spend some time wiht healthcare leaders, government leaders and community leaders to help solve the many healthcare issues Oklahomans face.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I will look forward to updating you soon on our progress. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


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Toni Moore, President & CEO