Hospitality House of Tulsa begins celebrating our 10 year birthday today!  August 24, 2006 was a monumental day for me, my family, some hardworking volunteers, staff members, visionary board members and donors.  That was the day we opened our doors to begin serving families traveling to Tulsa in medical crisis. 

When you sense God asking you to step out of your comfort zone and start something new in which you have no experience, no facility and no funding, you might think it would be easier just to ignore the prompting in your heart.  Trust me, it is not easy.  I tried.  For six months, I tried to ignore it. 

Breaking the silent struggle, I shared this vision with my dear friend Brooke Gage.  She was encouraging, hopeful, challenging, and agreed to help me.  When you have a partnership in ministry to those in need, it is like a breath of fresh air.  With her by my side we forged ahead, prayed continuously, laughed often, and saw God open doors in ways that we’ve never experienced in our Christian lives before. 

One of those open doors came when Hillcrest Medical Center offered an apartment building to us for a $1 a year lease donation!  Yes, you could say that was a huge answered prayer.  The plan sounded easy enough: remodeling the house – starting by raising money for remodeling expenses, talking to local suppliers about in-kind donations of supplies, furnishings, and construction materials, and asking volunteers from Tulsa area churches to help with the labor needed for construction.  All of these things fell together in May of 2006 and we began the renovation process.  Construction oversight and coordination was donated by my husband, Clay Moore, who was working a full time job, then working another 20 hours a week all summer long on the Hospitality House.  It was indeed a labor of love – lots of love! 

So, here we are, 10 years later!  We celebrate those who made it possible for us to open our first home, Hillcrest Medical Center, our donors, our volunteers, our board members past and present, my family, my dear friend and co-founder, Brooke Gage.  But mostly, we celebrate the families that God has allowed us to serve with comfortable lodging, home-style meals, prayers, and hope!  Today, we will welcome our 3,272nd family into our home away from home.  Thank you to all who have made this vision a reality.  Thank you, God, for asking me to be a part of it.

“Share with God’s people in need.  Practice Hospitality” – Romans 12:13  

Still practicing,

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